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Keeping Your Home Secure

Here along the Emerald Coast, we see our fair share of vacationers each year. But what about all of us who live here year-round? Between the growing population and the thousands of visitors we get to Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and all the surrounding areas each year, home security is becoming more and more of a concern. According to data compiled by the safety-conscious website Neighborhood Scout, our region is only safer than 43–44% of US cities when it comes to property theft. That’s not all that safe!

This is where Coastal Protection, Inc. steps in to help. We are a locally-based security company, and since we’re also year-round residents, we know which measures can provide the best protection for homes in our area. We also keep up with all the latest advances in the industry so we can be sure we’re providing our clients with the best security solutions. So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, or anywhere in between, connect with Coastal Protection, Inc. for local, experienced home security help!

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Personalized Home Security Systems

Your home may need different protection measures than your neighbors. Here at Coastal Protection, Inc., we take an individualized approach to setting up home security systems. We begin with a consultation so we can walk through your home and discuss security concerns with you. After that, we’ll make suggestions for security cameras, alarm sensor placement, and any other home security elements that make sense for your home and your lifestyle. We work with to provide you with easy-access tools like a mobile app so you can see everything going on with your home security system any time you choose. This actually provides another layer of protection for your home since you can easily see if you forgot to arm the system and get notifications about what’s happening in your home.

Securing Your Vacation Rental

We understand the challenges that come along with trying to keep your vacation rental well-protected, while also trying to make it an easy process for your guests to check-in and check-out. We can set up a home security system with cameras, alarm sensors, keyless entry locks, and connected smoke/heat/carbon monoxide detectors so you always know what’s going on with your rental property. Better yet, our mobile app system lets you see who is unlocking doors and what time they are being unlocked, so you can track everything at your property.

Keep your home protected. Call Coastal Protection, Inc. today for professional help in Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, and across the surrounding areas!

Trust Coastal Protection to always deliver the latest in security technology. Our Santa Rosa Beach and Destin home security solutions are tailored to fit your budget and protection needs. Your peace of mind is our business and we offer world-class customer care after the sale.

We Offer:

  • Burglar/Intrusion Alarms

  • Wireless/Cellular Communication

  • Outdoor Perimeter Detection

  • Smoke/Heat/Carbon Monoxide Detection

  • Home Automation Glass Break Detection

  • Motion Detection

  • Mobile Apps to Always Stay Connected!

Coastal Protection, Inc. Services Include:

  • Home security alerts upon system and/or user code activity
  • Alerts when you forget to arm your system
  • Smart thermostats that enable home automation to save energy costs
  • Automated door locks to simplify life and increase security
  • Automated lights to fit your lifestyle patterns and add a layer of security
  • Connected garage doors for increased security and convenience
  • User-friendly mobile apps to bring it all into the palm of your hand
  • Transforming your house into a smart home

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