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Managing a Vacation Rental Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Given our beautiful beaches and shimmering blue water, it’s no wonder that the Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and other areas draw a lot of vacationers every year. If you are one of the many property owners in the area with a vacation rental — or a whole swath of them — you likely understand what a hassle it can be to get renters in and out of your property comfortably while keeping the home itself well-protected.

For so many years, vacation rental owners had to rely on a local property management company to hand out and collect the keys to your property for each renter, or live close enough to manage the property themselves. On the plus side, working with a property management company is a great way to be hands-off and keep a home by the beach. The big downside, however, is paying the fees to your property managers to handle that work for you. In addition, relying on physical keys can be a major hassle and security risk. There’s no way to guarantee that renters aren’t making a copy of the keys before returning them. Relying on physical keys is also a big hassle for you as the property owner because the keys can easily be lost or misplaced, which means you’ll have to get a local locksmith out to rekey the property and make new keys.

While a vacation rental can be a great source of passive income, it can come with just as many issues. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to your vacation rental, all of that work can quickly get overwhelming. Some of the biggest concerns we hear about operating a vacation rental include:

  • Security of the property
  • Energy consumption
  • Managing check-ins/check-outs
  • Concerns about guests causing damage
  • Managing the properties eating up your everyday life

The good news is that technology has given us a better answer than simply learning to deal with the hassles and the lack of security. With smart home technology like PointCentral, you can take back control of your vacation rental — without moving in next door to manage the property. With options like electronic keyless locks and smart home connectivity, you can take control of not only your vacation rental’s physical security, but many elements of interior and exterior comfort too!

How Smart Home Options Help

The smart home connectivity of options like PointCentral give you a way to control many elements of your vacation rental from anywhere you have access to the internet. Keyless door locks mean you can ditch the physical keys — and the property management company that hands them out for you. Instead, you can remotely set new PIN codes for each guest. With PointCentral, you can even set start and end dates for each code so vacationers can’t get into your property after they “check out.” You can also manage the thermostat, lighting, security cameras, and more so you can keep an eye on your vacation rentals no matter where you are.

Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation with real-time property intelligence technological innovations haven’t just changed the way we live, but have also made many facets of our lives easier when it comes to how we work, how we play, and how we vacation. If you have a property you’re using for vacation rentals in Santa Rosa Beach or any of the nearby areas, you know that competition can be fierce and managing rentals can be time-consuming. You also know that, by adding systems that are reliable, informative, and cool, you’ll pull ahead of the pack. PointCentral smart home solutions are designed to delight guests and ensure efficient off-site property management for vacation rental owners, whether you live near or far. It’s a fact that today’s guests are willing to pay more to stay at properties featuring home automation. Why? Because of features like:

  • Access control — Electronic door locks allow property owners to assign an individual code to specific users with unique access privileges. For example, a guest would have access for their length of stay only in the property, housekeeping staff members might have access weekly, but the plumber can only gain entry to your property when you specifically allow it with a unique code. All codes can be time- and date-sensitive while simultaneously providing an option for non-expiring codes, like an owner’s code.
  • Unattended Check-In — Our system automatically delivers a lock code to your upcoming vacation rental guests. This individual code activates on the day and time they check in, and expires the day they check out. Easily adjust check-in and check-out dates and times while using the same code per renter. This convenience eliminates the risks and costs associated with traditional, physical keys.
  • Cellular Reliability — Unlike most other systems, PointCentral Enterprise Smart Home Solutions does not require local internet connectivity, which means no WiFi hassle. Instead, each property receives a cellular gateway hub supporting Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile to communicate with the PointCentral’s enterprise. While inside the home, this hub uses Z-wave technology to communicate with the locks, smart thermostats, door sensors, water sensors, and a variety of other products that can be added to the system
  • Energy Savings — Energy-efficient smart thermostats automatically adjust throughout the day to an energy-saving temperature when the unit is vacant. Added door sensors allow the thermostat to adjust or turn off when doors are left open to maintain temperature efficiency!
  • Cloud-Based Software — The PointCentral software offers the flexibility to access the system from any web-enabled device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). In addition, the cloud connectivity allows for continual development and easy updates to keep your system working smoothly.

  • Mobile Ready — Access the PointCentral Enterprise home security smart home solution from any web-enabled device to control access, energy, and security at your vacation rental without being nearby.
  • Operational efficiency — Enables desktop and mobile control of security access and temperature for all of your properties.
  • Enterprise Control — Allows for simple and efficient control of all property elements by just one person or a staff, eliminating most of the needs for a property management company.
  • Increased Security — Add exterior cameras which allow both renter and property owner to enjoy a sense of security and the peace of mind they deserve. Plus, the keyless door locks will engage automatically, so you never have to worry about someone forgetting to lock up.
  • Complete Installation — Providing confidence with all we do, our home security installation crews strive for prompt, efficient service every time.
  • VRBO Intelligence — Seamless user code generation to control your vacation rental with website or app access to connect PointCentral with VRBO. The PointCentral Enterprise system can be set up for one unit up to 5,000 properties.
  • PointCentral integrates with more than 15 Property Management Software including Barefoot, Escapia, Glad To Have you, Home Away, LiveRez, Streamline, V12, and more.

PointCentral smart home technology allows rental companies to create the perfect vacation property through easily adjusted temperatures, turning lights on and off, and the ease of keyless entry locks on each property. With world-class customer service and reliable technology, there’s only one word that describes partnering with PointCentral – smart. For more information, contact Coastal Protection, Inc. online or call today.

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