Our Management Plans are flexible to your needs

Don’t spend time maintaining or worrying about your second home or investment property

  • Enjoy peace of mind by placing your property under our umbrella of care.
  • We care for your property like it is our own.
  • We have weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or customized service plans to meet the specific needs you have with your property.
  • All of Our Team Members have all passed extensive background checks and are fingerprinted.
  • Affiliated with only licensed, insured trustworthy contractors that have maintained top satisfaction ratings.
  • Over 60 years of experience in the Vacation-Hospitality Resort Industry
  • Over 75 years experience in the Security industry.


Together, during our initial assessment of your property, we will determine specific functionality relating to your property.  We can visit your property as often or as little as you like starting with a Service Plan based on usage of your property and desired frequency of your visits. 

Our easy to use inspection checklist allows you to participate with our recommendations on what we feel needs to be inspected in our comprehensive scheduled one hour inspection. These inspections provide you with peace of mind and provide you with an annual roadmap to completely cover your home inside and out.

Our number one goal is to help you maintain your valuable asset so you have more time to enjoy it with family and friends. Our detailed season ending inspection and annual report will also help you to determine and plan any capital improvement projects that are needed to maintain your second home.

All inspections are time stamped and begin when we arrive and depart your property. Travel time is on us when your inspections are a scheduled event.

  • Record Humidity in main living area with hygrometer
  • Record temperature in main living area
  • Reduce temperature to confirm thermostat is working
  • Ensure alarm system is working properly
  • All doors & windows locked
  • Check ceilings, walls & baseboards for signs of water damage (electronic moisture detector)
  • Check for signs of mildew
  • Check lights are working properly
  • Visual check of washer & dryer
  • Verify all trash is removed
  • Toilets flushed & checked for leaks
  • Check for any unusual odors throughout the home
  • All faucets and drains run & checked for leaks
  • Verify the refrigerator & freezer are functioning properly
  • All small kitchen appliances unplugged
  • Garbage disposal functioning properly
  • Check entire kitchen for signs of insects or rodents
  • Check HVAC filters
  • Check all batteries for remotes, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector’s
  • Furniture is free of damage
  • All rooms free of damage
  • Add bleach to HVAC drain lines to ensure your lines stay open and clean
  • Check ice machines
  • Water at correct level and color
  • Visual check of pool/spa equipment
  • Check patio furniture.
  • Collect mail, newspapers from mailbox & driveway
  • Visual check from ground, of downspouts and gutters
  • Visual check for water leaks or damage
  • Visual check for signs of insects & rodents
  • Visual check for signs of vandalism
  • Ensure all doors & windows are secure
  • Check irrigation system for leaks
  • Turn water on during home watch visit
  • Turn water off after completing the visit
  • Check all exterior vents to verify clear of obstruction
  • Breaker/Fuse panel checked for tripped breakers
  • All items stowed in garage free of damage
  • Garage doors functioning properly
  • Check garage for leaks
  • Check that lawn, trees and shrubs are properly maintained
  • Faucets and hoses in working order
  • Screened lanai and porches free or rips and tears
  • Fencing surrounding property intact
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  • Customized services for your VRBO income producing properties. One bad review can impact your earning potential.
  • We can provide services to include quick checks on your rental turnover days to ensure your rental cleaning service is doing what you contracted them to preform.
  • Inspections how and when you like them, to ensure your property stays rented and in top condition.
  • Season-end evaluations comparing your property to other like properties with recommendations to improve your rental income.
  • Already have a management company? Let us preform a season-end inspection to help you prioritize your off season maintenance projects.
  • We can assist you in the bidding process and oversee your projects with pictures and weekly updates.
  • Looking for a new management company? Let us assist you by providing suggested proven winner in the 30A Vacation Rental Industry.
  • Properties that are well prepared, photogenic, clean, well maintained and have the correct Management Team will increase your rental potential.
  • We can interact with your renters representing you to ensure they have what they need on check-in day. At the same time preforming a quick inspection to help ensure your standards are maintained.


Coastal Protect Home Watch Solutions can also harness today’s home technology to simplify and provide peace of mind for your home when you are there or far away. Our sister company, Coastal Protection Inc., is a trusted local/regional security firm that can bring these optional technologies to your home. These technologies can often provide costs savings that many home owners don’t realize are possible.

  • Home Security & Life Safety Solutions
  • Water Leak Detection (with text alerts)
  • Monitored Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide
  • Point Central Vacation Automation Technology featuring door locks, thermostats and other devices that simplify and lower energy and re-keying costs
  • Locksmith services
  • High Definition Surveillance Cameras
  • Combine All Above Into One System and Mobile App!
  • Noise Level Detection (for parties and loud music)
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Discounts for combined services available
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Storm Protection

  • Pre-storm inspections with pictures
  • Move all outdoor furnishings and fixtures to appropriate inside storage on your property.
  • Deploy your shutter protection systems such as Accordion, Clear Panel and Aluminum.
  • Re-deploy shutters and return outdoor furnishings after the storm.
  • Immediate Post-storm inspections with pictures and detailed report of any damage.
  • Freeze alerts to allow time for preventive actions
  • Our home inventory services and owner- inventory programs are a valuable asset to have in the time of need .