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Q: I use digital voice for phone service with my Internet provider. Can I use phone line-type monitoring to save money each month?

A: No. Digital voice or VoIP (voice over IP) is not a reliable method to transmit security signals to the Central Station. It is dependent on electrical power to your premises and is not compatible with alarm system transmission. For phone line-type monitoring, a standard telephone line from your phone provider is needed. However, due to costs of such phone lines, we recommend our Cellular Monitoring which is reliable and also offers ‘line-cut’ protection in the event of an intruder cutting phone lines, storm damage etc. It is less expensive than a phone line and offers the additional layer of protection!

Q: I see commercials about alarms that also offer automated features. Does Coastal Protection offer these?
A: Yes, we offer the latest in this technology. We can automate your home to fit your lifestyle and budget. This includes thermostats, locks, lights, appliances, garage doors, and more! Best of all, you can add to the system over time as your lifestyle changes.

Q: I already have smoke detectors for my home. Why should I purchase the type that you provide?
A: The smoke detectors we provide are integrated with your alarm and are programmed on a 24-hour zone type. This means that an actual alarm event that is handled by our UL Central Station operators who dispatch your local fire department responders. Your system does not need to be in the ‘armed’ state. Monitored smoke detectors are always ‘armed’. This is important to pet owners who may leave the system disarmed for short periods when their pets are home alone.

Q: How do I know if my system is communicating properly?
A: Please call us and we’ll give you simple instructions for testing your system. Further, our systems test communication on a monthly basis (weekly for cellular type) to ensure a valid communication path is present. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to test the system, as many outside factors can disrupt its proper working condition.

Q: My smoke detectors are beeping. How do I stop this sound?
A: The smoke detectors we install do not ‘beep.’ These are likely the smoke detectors installed by your electrician while the home was built. The beep could mean that there is a problem with the device or the wiring or electrical fuse. It can also mean the detector has a low battery. Monitored smoke detectors will present a notification at the keypad if there is a problem with a device, wiring, or battery.

Q: Will my alarm system still work if I lose power?
A: Yes, the system includes an auxiliary battery. The duration of the battery can vary based on its charge and amount of devices on your system. If the battery reaches its life expectancy, typically 3-5 years, the system will provide an alert on the touchpad and/or send a notification to the Central Station.

Q: I can purchase cameras online that are very affordable and offer a clear image. Why should I use Coastal Protection Inc to install them?

A: These DIY products are mostly lower quality products that do not include on-site warranty services or professional installation by a licensed provider. These products often offer a decent ‘live’ image but the recorded image (the important one) is often degraded due to a lower quality video card processor used to help the product meet a specific price point. Watermarking of the time/date is also required for prosecution in most areas. Many DIY systems do not offer watermarking of the time/date. Most importantly, we are licensed and factory trained on the systems we install to ensure the system works optimally and delivers the solution that best fits the clients’ budget and needs. Just remember, caveat emptor-buyer beware.

Q: What is the phone number to the Central Station? I need to make changes to my ‘call-list’.
A: The Central Station phone number 800-432-1429.

Q: Can I receive a discount on my homeowner insurance for having my system monitored?
A: Yes, we provide a certificate of monitoring just for this purpose. Each carrier offers their own discount level and is often a greater discount if the system has monitored smoke detectors. Check with your agent to determine your discount level.

Q: Can you monitor my existing system that was installed by another company?
A: Yes, we can monitor dozens of types and brands of systems. There is a possibility that we’ll need to change out the circuit board or other devices. For this, we charge a nominal fee.

Q: I am in a contract with another provider and I wish to have your company monitor my system. How do I cancel?
A: First, call your existing provider and determine if your initial contract period is still active. We can monitor your system only if you are able to cancel that agreement. Call us and we’ll help you with that process.

Q: What if I have a problem with my system after your office closes for the day?
A: We offer 24-hour repair services. This is part of our comprehensive client care philosophy.

Q: My alarm went off by accident. I disarmed it but the Central Station did not call. Why?
A: Our systems are programmed to send a restoral code. This means that if the correct user code disarms the system, the system sends the Central Station a ‘restoral’ code to advise that it was a false alarm. This is a feature designed to reduce false alarm activity and unnecessary police dispatches. This feature can be removed from programming on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What if I am ambushed while entering my home?
A: We offer a ‘duress’ code service in which you can enter the home and disarm the system using a specific and different code that the usual user code. This will disarm the system and send an alert to advise that there is a ‘hold-up’ or ‘ambush’ scenario in which the police will be dispatched. This is a specific service that is customized for each client and not standard. Please inquire with our office if you wish to add this service. There is no cost for the service.

Q: I wish to have Coastal Protection Inc. monitor my existing system. Can your company use my existing sensors or do I need to purchase new ones?
A: We can utilize your existing sensors, even if they are wireless.

Q: Can I have multiple user codes for my system?
A: Yes, and we encourage this. Your system can have multiple codes. This is important as you may wish to remove codes that are no longer used or have a situation in which you need to remove a code for a specific user. Our technology allows for simple code management. This feature is especially important to business owners who may have multiple key holders.

Q: I have a dog. Will your system trip accidentally if she is roaming the home?
A: We can install ‘pet friendly’ sensors that avoid detection based on the pet’s size and activity.

Q: I have a boat dock and a detached shop on my property. Can you monitor these areas?
A: Yes, we have access to countless detection device types that can be rated for outdoor areas and can be integrated with your system.

Q: I own a restaurant and I am worried about my employees’ safety after hours. What does your company offer that can increase their safety?
A: We offer ‘hold-up’ pendants and other devices that can increase their safety. We can also offer video escorts with our camera systems. An operator can observe the closing activity and alert authorities if undesired activity occurs.

Q: I want cameras at my business but do not want the cost and ongoing maintenance of a video server. Does Coastal Protection offer a system like this?
A: Yes, we offer remote recording of video systems. The recent events are also captured on local recording media if your internet is disrupted.

Q: I am the manager of a local medical office. What system can be used to help manage entry to certain parts of my building?
A: Coastal Protection, Inc. offers the latest access control solutions that can increase safety and manage traffic throughout a property. We can also integrate other systems within the building to decrease administration of multiple systems.

Q: I just need a single camera to monitor the register and reception area of my vet clinic. I don’t need an entire system.
A: We have many small video solutions that are very affordable and offer the latest in technology. All you need is an internet connection and a few minutes to learn how to use it. Then you’ll have your camera’s view in the palm of your hand with your smartphone.

Q: I own a retail store and my camera system no longer works. Can you service it?
A: Yes, we can often repair your system or provide a solution that includes existing parts that are in working condition. This way, you have today’s technology and save money by using the parts that work.