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Here along the Emerald Coast, we see huge numbers of vacationers each year. Between that and growing populations of full-time residents, crime rates are increasing. It’s not just homes that are seeing an increased rate of burglary attempts; businesses across the area are feeling the affects of the growing population and increasing property crime rates. Property crime rates in our area are a good 10–15% higher than the national average, and that’s not a great way to live.

Protecting your business is important — and we mean this in regards to protecting your employees and assets, not just the space itself. Here at Coastal Protection, Inc., we believe in custom, individualized security solutions as a way to provide the best protection for your budget and needs. After all, a retail business has different security needs than, say, a bank or a warehouse. The best protection comes from security measures made for your business. Here’s how we help:

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Individualized Business/Commercial Security Systems

Your business isn’t the same as anyone else’s in town, and likewise, you shouldn’t be expected to have the same security system — you shouldn’t even get stuck with the same system as nearby businesses or others who offer similar services. Here at Coastal Protection, Inc., we take the time to understand your space and your business’s needs, and then we tailor your security system accordingly. That means that when we recommend a certain array of security cameras, alarm sensors, electronic locks, and other options, we are doing so as part of a comprehensive security plan made specifically for your business.

Our business security systems also account for the fact that you may not be the only person responsible for locking and unlocking your space everyday. Having keyholder employees can make business security more difficult, but we give you the tools to take control of that too. We can arrange for keyless entry locks and access control systems that provide each employee with a unique code. You can then set them to work only with certain locks and easily discontinue when an employee leaves your business for any reason.

Control At Your Fingertips

Good security doesn’t necessarily need a central, well-protected space in your building the way they show in movies. Instead, we work with to provide you with a commercial security system that you can access online and through a mobile app — which means you can monitor and control your security system any time, anywhere. Get notifications about potential security concerns and make adjustments on the go.

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Security is yet another facet of running a business in today’s economy. Why not simplify your security and employee management? We have the precise tools to deliver the solution you need and can afford.

When You Work With Us You Can:

  • Stop worrying about if your employees forget to arm the system and receive an alert if they did.
  • Provide employees with their own individual security codes.
  • Receive a notification when a sensitive drawer or door is opened.
  • Receive a notification if a door is left open during business hours.
  • View history of system events.
  • Stay connected with video cameras and mobile app viewing.

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