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Statistics for property crimes in Panama City are 68.71 per 1000 residents.  The national median is 26 per 1000 residents.  Your chance of being a victim in Panama City is 1 in 15.   One of the best ways to deter a burglar from entering your home is an alarm system and/or security cameras.  Alarm systems that make a loud noise when someone enters the home unwanted is a huge deterrent.  Burglars don’t like loud noises. An alarm system that is monitored allows another level of protection since law enforcement is notified.   There are a number of things you can do to help protect your property against theft.

  • Use deadbolt locks.  The more difficult it is for the burglar the better.  They don’t usually want to spend much time getting into your home.  They prefer to make a quick and easy visit.
  • If you have a sliding glass door, use a cut broom handle or round curtain rod to place in the track.  Sliding glass doors are the easiest way for burglars to get in.
  • Use timing devices to switch your lighting and television off and on when you are away from home.  This gives the impression that someone is home and will usually deter a burglar.  This also helps eliminate the dangers of coming home to a dark house alone.
  • Purchase an inexpensive shredder.  Burglars can go through your trash and learn a lot of personal information regarding your financial status. Not only can it help them with identity theft, it can also help a burglar determine what level of personal belongings they may be able to obtain from your home and if the effort is worth the risk for them.
  • Make sure your property is well-lit.
  • Have someone pick up your mail and newspaper when you are going to be away.  Mail and newspapers stacking up is an open invitation to a burglar.
  • Protect your home with an alarm system from Coastal Protection, Inc. today.

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